Fudge Fundraiser

We will be selling fudge as a fundraiser for the cadet corps.  Each fudge order is approx. 1/2lb of fudge packaged in a clear container.

Cadets will sell from November 4th to November 20th

Payments and orders are due to by November 20th . Cadets need to use the seller form provided at the link below, please clearly write on the form, the order form and all monies should be in one ziplock bag or envelope clearly labelled fudge fundraiser with the cadets name on it. Payments can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to Sackville Army Cadets)

We expect the fudge to arrive ready for distribution for December 16th and 18th.

The Cape Breton Fudge Co. officially opened nearly 10 years ago. We make real butter and cream fudge in over two dozen flavours, with special requests always welcome. Our most popular fudges include Highland Chocolate, Skor, Celtic Mint, Highland Gold Maple and Breton Whisky.