Dec 9 Band Workshop


The training will occur at Building 4 in Shearwater from 0800-1630.  At the lights in Shearwater turn right towards the water/lower base, the building is through the commissionaires (you will need photo ID), drive through and go to the left.

Cadets must bring a lunch.  No Peanuts. Bring two water bottles.

Any cadet that wishes to get tested for a theory or playing level is invited to stay until 2000.  Pizza will be provided for an evening meal for the cadets wishing to be tested.


Your instrument
Level music (If the cadet is ready to be tested);
March Pack
Warm Clothing / Jacket for tentatively scheduled outdoor drill period (rain pending)
Bagged lunch
Money for canteen

Civilian Clothes with Blue Corps T-shirt
Good comfortable footwear
Bring a sweater
Jacket / mittens/ toque

Those signed up are below – IF you are NOT going anymore I need to know by Wednesday night
Baker M
Blagdon H
Bracken B
Bracken T
Horne O
Murray A
Murray J
Surette M

Turkey Shoot

We are going to have a turkey shoot this year, on Sunday, December 10, 2017. This event requires no skill!! Everyone will be shooting at a Christmasy picture, and we have a grid created where there are different values all over the paper. This is just for fun!

This event will require a 2 person team, with each team having a cadet and an adult family member. The cost to participate will be $2 per team – please pay your $2 to Capt. Moors by Wednesday December 6nd, 2017 to hold your team spot. This will be used to purchase a turkey (1st place prize), and hopefully we will have enough for a 2nd and 3rd place prize. This will give Capt. Moors enough time to organize the relays and purchase the prizes.

We have this activity planned to take place from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  There will be a snow day on December 17th, which is the last range day before Christmas. If there is a serious snow event on the 10th, we will email and post on Facebook no later than 8:30am.


The turkey shoot is a fun event for 3036 Sackville Lions cadets to engage their parents/guardians in part of the training, as well as introduce the marksmanship program to some cadets who may not normally participate. NO SKILL IS NEEDED TO WIN. We will be firing 10 shots at a picture and even if you don’t hit the image, so long as your shot hits the paper, you have the chance to score. Teams will consist of one cadet and one adult.

Captain Moors will be the chief Range Safety Officer (RSO) and there will be an assistant RSO. As we must ensure safety on the range, a brief safety lesson will be held at the beginning of each relay. As all of the cadets are now familiar with the Daisy 853C air rifle, there will be a relay where the cadets shoot and the parents watch, and then the parents will shoot and the cadets can help their parents/guardian/family member.

To ensure fairness and transparency, each team will pick a number when they arrive. The targets will be marked with that number, so no names will be used during the scoring process. Scoring will be done by an adult staff member who is not part of the range staff. There is a grid overlay that will be used, and anyone wishing to inspect the overlay may do so after they have fired. There are numbers ranging from 0 to 10 scattered through the grid. Each competitor has the chance to score 100 points. The scoring will be a combined total of each team, with the highest possible score of 200 points.

The turkey will be awarded at the end of the event, so if you cannot be present, you must leave a phone number where you can be reached around so we can make arrangements for you to pick up your turkey.

Please feel free to email us any questions/concerns you may have.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

Capt Moors