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2019 Remembrance day parade info

A quick note on Remembrance Day

Look here to see where you wear your poppy on your uniform –

The Parade
945 am in Full uniform – Beaverbank-Kinsac Fire Department – turn right up the road just before it to the school at the top of the hill (on the left). That is where we will be meeting.

You will be wearing your full uniform with a poppy. Dress for the weather – you can wear your cadet toque (if you have it) or your beret with your uniform, your cadet winter jacket (if you have it) , and black mittens or gloves. If you do not have a cadet winter jacket you can wear your civilian winter jacket over your uniform.

If your uniform has not come in by then you will wear appropriate civilian clothes with a poppy – no bright colors.

Please keep in mind to dress for the weather. You can wear long johns under your uniform – do not constrict your blood flow by wearing tight constricting clothes under your uniform. Wool socks are a must in your parade boots to keep your feet warm – if you don’t have any go see supply.

The band will play. Make sure you bring your instrument and music.

Parents please stay at the ceremony until the cadets are done. Usually the ceremony ends around 11:20.

The parade goes on rain, snow or shine.

Wearing of uniforms at School Ceremonies

Cadets wishing to wear their uniforms to school ceremonies must:
1. Have approval in advance from Capt Morgan or Capt Cameron
2. Show on CO’s parade on Nov 4th you have your full uniform, worn properly, badges sewn on, ironed etc.
3. Abide by the following rules – provide us the date, time and location of your ceremony, only wear your uniform during the ceremony (you cannot wear it outside of the ceremony), while wearing your uniform at school demonstrate maturity and professionalism

2019 Atlantic Canada Summer Training Joining Instructions

Cadets attending HMCS Acadia for music and cadets attending CTC Argonaut as staff cadets, all cadets on a 6 week courses or cadets on 3 week basic expedition are to pack their issued combats from the unit. Please ensure you clearly label them 3036 RCACC in permanent marker on the inside of the pants and tunic. Ensure you take them home with you, do not leave them behind or hand them in to the camp supply department.

2019 Legion Medal of Excellence/Lord Strathcona Medal

Legion Medal of Excellence

1.       Met all requirements of the Corps annual mandatory training program

2.      Participated in a minimum of 3 community service events IN ADDITION TO the 9 periods required under PO X02.01 and not including Remembrance Day.

3.      Is regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet

4.      Enhanced the Corps/Sqn through:

a.       Cooperation with peers and subordinates;

b.      Comradeship;

c.       Promoting goodwill and morale within the corps;

d.      Aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness and;

e.       Supporting and assisting fellow cadets

Medals – RCLME Nomination form 2019

Medals – RCLME Reference form 2019


Lord Strathcona Medal

a. Minimum Silver Star or above

b. High level of fitness

c. meets all mandatory training requirements

d. attended at least 75% of scheduled training parades

e. participated in at least 50% of the scheduled activities

f. three years completed as a cadet

g. regarded by peers as exemplifying the model cadet by displaying outstanding dress, drill, conduct, dependability and loyalty to the cadet program and the corps

Lord Strathcona Medal Nomination


Apply by Jan 30th to Capt. Morgan (Chamberlaine)

Canadian Cadet Organization and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Since the summer of 2016 the Canadian Cadet Organization has been engaged with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to share resources, consult with them regarding prevention programs and exchange best practices that can be incorporated into our programs.


Included in this post is more information for our Parents/Guardians as well as our cadets.

CCO and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P) -Resource