Cookie Dough Fundraiser

sell sheet

Quickie Dough Info Sheet


We are excited to announce our new year fundraiser – Cookie Dough!

We are asking cadets and families to help sell Cookie Dough to raise funds for activities such as rock climbing, band, orienteering, marksmanship and biathlon.

Follow this link to find the sell sheet, you can download and print. There will also be sheets printed at cadets next Wednesday for pick up.

To bring some friendly rivalry and friendly competition we are splitting the unit into two teams:
Team Leaders:
Team 1 – WO Allen – Green and Red Stars
Team 2 – MWO Beck – Silvers Stars and above
The winning team will get a pizza party and of course major bragging rights!
PS. Rumor has it some of the adult staff will be selling and willing to give their sales to cadets, so start practicing your sales winning pitches to see if you can get some bonus sales! Tip – don’t bombard the staff, carefully plan the best time to talk. There could be a skill testing question, a feat of fitness, or your creativity may just win it! May the odds be ever in your favor 🙂

Please note there is an info sheet also found at this link :

It is important to note that while the Darn Near Gluten Free are made with Gluten Free Flour the facility cannot guarantee no cross contamination and therefore cannot guarantee Gluten Free.
No Peanut products are prepared in the facility however some ingredients may contain trace amounts, there is not mention of other nuts such as tree nuts, we cannot guarantee they are safe for those with nut allergies.

Cadets must bring their sell sheet completed with their money (in a zip lock bag clearly labeled with their name) by October 17th. All money and sales must be in on October 17th at the latest. If anyone pays by cheque please make it payable to: Sackville Army Cadet Corps.

It will take approximately 14 days after the full order is submitted for the cookie dough to be ready. We estimate it will take approximately one week for the adult staff to organize the orders to submit one large order. Therefore we estimate however; cannot guarantee the cookie dough should be ready for pick up on November 7th.