Prime Minister’s Youth Council

  1. On 22 July 2016 the Prime Minister (PM), in his role as Minister of Youth, launched the application process for participation on the first ever Prime Minister’s Youth Council. Youth aged 16-24 years are welcomed to apply to become a member of the 30 member council. Once again, the purpose of this council is to provide the PM with non-partisan advice on national issues such as employment, access to education, building stronger communities as well as climate change and clean growth, among others. This is an excellent opportunity for cadets, Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs), officers and adult leaders to exercise their leadership ability and commitment to Canada on the national stage. The intent of this email then is to provide you with the information required, for widest distribution regionally, so that all cadets, JCRs, officers and adult leaders, aged 16-24 years, will be provided with the information and support to allow them to apply before the 1 October 2017 deadline.

Pertinent information related to the PM’s Youth Council is as follows:

  1. The Council will advise the Prime Minister on national issues such as employment, access to education, building stronger communities, climate change and clean growth. The Council will meet multiple times a year.
  2. All youth aged 16-24 years are welcomed to apply for membership. Applicants will be asked to fill out an online form in which they must provide background information on themselves, their community involvement, and ideas for Canadian youth. Application available at:
  3. Up to 30 Council members will be selected. These members will come from diverse communities from all regions of Canada, in order to bring a range of knowledge and experience to the table. They will sit on the Council for a mandate of up to two years, and will be compensated for their time while conducting Youth Council business. You can see Prime Minister’s current Youth Council member biographies:
  4. Council members will meet both online and offline several times a year to discuss the issues that matter to them, their community, and their country. They will interact with each other outside of meetings to discuss ideas and upcoming activities, and will engage with their communities. They will meet with the Prime Minister up to four times a year. The anticipated time commitment for council members is approximately 10-20 hours per month.
  5. Youth engagement opportunity: The application allows youth interested in applying for the council to have their information submitted to a database for further youth engagement opportunities. This database will be shared with other federal departments who wish to offer youth engagement opportunities. Unsuccessful applicants of the Youth Council will also have their information submitted to this database. All applicants must click ‘agree’ to the sharing of their information on the application, prior to submitting.