Application Forms

To apply to become a cadet please complete the below application. You will also need to bring your birth certificate (or passport) and provincial health card for us to photocopy for your cadet file.

CF1158 Application for Cadet Membership

Once you are enrolled in the cadet program it is very important to keep you file up to date with changes. For example if you move or have a new phone number please email us with your new information right away. Each cadet has a paper file in our office as well as an electronic file in a system called Fortress. Fortress is the system every cadet in the country is registered in. In this system we track your training, promotions, awards, summer applications, course reports and much more. Keeping this system up to date will help ensure you maintain an accurate file. This electronic file is used to assess your candidacy for summer training, it is a vital resource for senior cadets participating in exchanges and staff positions. We also provide a paper copy of your cadet record when you age out of cadets or leave the organization. Cadets who have moved on to post secondary education as well as the reserves or regular forces have used this record in their applications.

At the start of each training year cadets are given an annual validation form, this is to be completed immediately and returned to the Administration Officer. Without this validation signed and completed annually a cadet will be prohibited from participating in any event outside of Monday night cadets. For example: summer training, outings, camping etc.


Summer Training

To apply for summer training you will need the application below. You can find more information on summer training by clicking here.

Summer Training Participation Application


Awards and Medals

Annually a variety of medals and awards are handed out across the country to deserving cadets. All cadets are encouraged to review these awards on a an annual basis. Each award has different criteria and requirements. For example cadets may be required to obtain reference letters from the community as well as the Commanding Officer. Both groups would need ample notice to write these letters. Do not wait for the deadline to ask for your letters. Start early!

Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship Award

Lord Strathcona Nomination form 2018 

Medal of Excellence reference form

Nomination Form – RCLME – 2018


13-16 ANAVETS Medal

13-16 Annex G – The Colonel Robert Perron Award

13-16 National Cadet Honours and Awards

2017 EME Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award Information

Taken from the Duke of Edinburgh Website:

We are the world’s leading achievement award for young people. We are a federally registered charity for the development of people ages 14-24, equipping them with life skills that will make a difference to themselves, their community and the world. We are in every Canadian province segmented into ten divisions to better serve young Canadians. Each division is a separately registered charity that is licensed by the National Office and operates to provide direct support for youth and organizations who embark on the Award throughout the country. We strive to be the self-development program in which any young Canadian can participate, barrier-free, regardless of socio-economic or physical circumstance.

We provide an Award that is self-directed and develops the whole person – mind, body and soul.

Our concept is one of individual challenge. We challenge young people to step outside their comfort zone and grow through the four sections of The Award which encourages; personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance and responsibility. 

There are three levels to The Award; Bronze, Silver and Gold. A young person can progress through each level or enroll directly to either the Silver (15 years and up) or the Gold (16 years and up). Each level requires an increasing level of commitment and effort. Young people have until their 25th birthday to complete The Award. 

Once participants have completed their Award, they receive a pin and certificate to mark their achievement, and may be able to attend a ceremony within their Province or Territory (depending on Award level and ceremony availability). Gold Award ceremonies are only presided over by the Governor General of Canada or by a member of the Royal Family when their schedule permits.

Our Vision: To inspire and promote lifelong improvement for all young Canadians by encouraging personal development and achievement 

Our Mission: To give Canadians aged 14-24 a supportive, non-competitive youth development platform that deeps self-awareness, builds confidence and broadens skills and experience to further their growth as active, responsible citizens. 

Each year in Canada, the Award program continues to expand and reach new communities. There are currently over 44,000 young Canadians enrolled in the program.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

DofE – Program Requirements