DND638 Temporary Issue

Cadets are required to sign the Temporary Issue Card when accepting uniform parts, this acknowledges the fact they have been issued the part and are taking it into their care.

Uniform Costs

Although uniforms are provided at no cost we would like to draw your attention to the true cost to the program.  It is important that parents and cadets understand the importance and value of the uniform parts. We ask that great care is taken while parts are in a cadets’ possession including ensuring they are hung up/folder, safe from destruction, cleaned regularly and returned once a cadet exits the program.

As cadets grow uniform parts will need to be replaced either due to being worn out or because a larger size is needed, we ask that regardless the reason the uniform part is returned. At that point an exchange will be made. If no part is immediately available a new part will be placed on order and the cadet will be excused from wearing that uniform until they are fully kitted out.

For more information on dress regulations, badges and numbered dress please visit the Dress, Drill and Deportment Page by clicking here.