Credit for Cadet Service

Credit for Cadet Service

An applicant who has served as a cadet may, on the authority of the CFRC CO, be granted 180 days of IC towards the Pte PI 2, provided that the applicant meets both of the following criteria:

  • has completed at least three years of cadet service terminating within five years of the date of submitting an application for enrl in the CAF; and
  • successfully completed the environmental third year cadet corps/squadron program as follows:

o Sea Cadets. The Phase Three Program;

o Army Cadets. Silver Star Program; or

o Air Cadets. Proficiency Level Three Program.

The credit granted to a cadet on enrl is a one-time recognition of the experience they have gained throughout their cadet training. Credit will be granted only on enrolment in one of the components of the CAF and will not be granted on a subsequent transfer between components. Furthermore, cadet service is not eligible for inclusion when calculating Time Credit for Promotion on enrolment. The Incentive Credit will be input in CFRIMS and for Reg F applicants, inserted on the Enrolment or Transfer and Posting Instruction (ETP Inst).