Public Speaking

All cadets work on their public speaking throughout their time in the program. This may be in a formal setting through lessons by presenting short speeches to their fellow cadets or as senior cadets as lesson instructors.

Cadets also have the opportunity on an annual basis to participate in the Lions Club Speak Off. The purpose of the event is to provide grades 9-12 with an opportunity to contemplate current issues, organize their thoughts and feelings, and to effectively present their perspectives publicly. Speeches will be 4—6minutes. Speakers will be evaluated on their presentation delivery, material as well as their response to two questions. The top three contestants will receive prizes of $75, $50 and $25 respectively. First place winner will advance to the Zone Level Speak Out.

For more information speak with CI Mahaney and Capt. Chamberlaine


Tips for Public Speaking

  1. Prepare in advance
    1. know and research your topic
    2. know who you are speaking to so you can tailor your presentation to the correct age group and knowledge level
    3. think about the impact you want to have on your audience
  2. Structure your speech
    1. Introduction
      1. introduce yourself, the issue and the contents of your speech
      2. this is where you want to engage your audience, some people enjoy an interesting fact or statistic to start their speech
    2. Body
      1. this the meat of your speech
      2. be clear
    3. Conclusion
      1. sum up the main points from your speech
      2. thank the audience
  3. Rehearse
    1. you can rehearse with family or friends. At cadets you can ask a staff cadet or adult staff member to listen and give you pointers
  4. Pace yourself
    1. often times when we are nervous we speak very quickly
  5. If you are using technology test it in advance
    1. make sure if you are using sound that it works
    2. if you are using a power point that the colors you choose are not too harsh to the audience and they can read the text
    3. have a back up plan in case your technology malfunctions
  6. Get ready for questions