Band Seminar – Dec 9-11




  • Cadets must wear their Blue Corps Tshirt on the Bus
  • No uniforms

Because of the potential of inclement weather all of the following must be packed/worn:


  • 1 x sweatshirt/sweater
  • 2 x t-shirts
  • 2 x pants – jeans are fine
  • 3x underwear
  • 4 x socks
  • 1 x toque and mittens
  • 1 x sleepwear (PJ’s) (PJ pants are not acceptable day wear)
  • 1 x footwear (preferably warmer/dryer than a pair of sneakers. Boots may be best plus bring a pair of shoes you want to wear the rest of the time you are not outdoors)
  • 1 x water bottle – full with water upon arrival
  • 1 x Day Pack – ex. small backpack to carry required items during the day such as instrument, music, notebook, pencil
  • 1 x Kit bag – to hold ALL gear
  • 1 x personal hygiene kit (face cloth, soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, towel, shower sandals etc.)
  • 1 x notebook/ paper and pencil for theory class
  • 1 x winter jacket
  • 1x instrument
  • All music and accessories
  • Day bag to carry items needed during the day (ex back pack)
  • water bottle full of water

There may be a small canteen – cadets may bring a small amount of money.

Cadets will need to be outdoors to walk between buildings and be prepared for the weather. Friday evening in the sleeping quarters may be cool before it heats up as the trailers are not used year round. The heat is turned up specifically for the event.

It is recommended cadets bring a book or something to entertain themselves during down time.


Reminder of cadets signed up:


Summer Training Information

Staff Cadets and Music Cadets – Your applications are due by Nov 30th. We realize this is short notice however; we must abide by the national rules set out.

Below is a summary for the Staff Cadets and Music Courses:

Music Courses

  • Military Band – Advanced Musician Course
  • Military Band – Intermediate Musician Course
  • Military Band – Basic Musician Course
  • Pipe Band – Advanced Musician Course
  • Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician Course
  • Pipe Band – Basic Musician Course

Staff Cadets – must be 16 years old by January 1st, 2017

  • Dates – 07/04/2016-08/18/2016
  • Choose CSTC Location
  • Choose Course you want to staff on


Sea/Army/Air cadets are encouraged to apply for any common positions (duty, supply, WIC, admin/photo tech) at all Atlantic Region Cadet Training Centres (CTC).

The available serials are listed below and hopefully will be created in Fortress soon. You can find specific job details listed in the advertising slates (excel document below – make sure you read all three tabs)

  • Greenwood Cadet Training Centre (GCTC) – Sea/Army/Air Opportunities
  • Argonaut Cadet Training Centre (ACTC) – Sea/Army/Air Opportunities
  • HMCS Acadia Cadet Training Centre (HMCS ACTC) – Sea/Army/Air Opportunities
  • Rocky Mountain Cadet Training Centre (RMCTC) – Army Opportunities
  • Connaught Cadet Training Centre (CCTC) – Army Opportunities
  • Valcartier Cadet Training Centre (VCTC) – Army Opportunities (must be bilingual)


For everyone else – please read and start thinking about it. Once we know the deadline for the below courses we will let everyone know. Please be patient.

General Overview/Explanation

Summer Training is 100% optional we do recommend cadets attend because it is a wonderful free experience. HOWEVER – cadets are not required to attend. Cadets can still be 100% successful in the program however; please note by not attending any summer training they will not be eligible for things like staff, exchanges, senior expeditions. Cadets and parents must have an honest conversation , do you as the cadet want to go, if yes, why? What course? If not, why not? Officers are available to further explain.

On your application ensure you list the course AND the dates you are available. IF you are NOT available for specific dates do not apply for those – clearly state the dates you cannot attend camp

Summer Training Participation Application

On the application form you will see options for your top three choices, cadets are encouraged to apply to multiple courses HOWEVER if you write down you want to apply for a course be sure you want to go on that course. Please DO NOT apply for a course that you wouldn’t accept. Ex don’t apply for Music if you only want to go to Marksmanship or don’t apply for Drill and Ceremonial if you only want to go on Fitness and Sports.

Please fill out the Participation Application to the best of your ability – email with questions if you are unsure which courses you can apply for.

The goal of the summer training courses is that you follow the same program for all of your training. Ex – GT – Basic Expedition – Expedition Instructor – Expedition Staff or Exchange

You do not have to follow this if you did not enjoy the course but keep in mind you will be more able to complete courses with ease if you follow the same program.

Green Stars (First years cadets ages 12/13)

  • General Training – two week course – only option – exposes the cadets to all aspects of cadets and all camps they can apply for in the future. Ex. Camping, Drill, Fitness etc.
  • Dates:  Approx: 10 July, 24 July, 7 Aug
  • Best to apply to all of the dates (Assuming you are available) – we can try to get you on a specific date but it is not 100% guaranteed.

Red Stars (Second year cadets ages 13/14/15) (If this is your first year of cadets but you are 14 or older by July 1st you can apply for the following courses so you will be with your age group)

  • Basic Leadership (Drill & Ceremonial ) – Held at CSTC Greenwood
  • Basic Expedition – Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Basic Fitness and Sports- Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Basic Marksmanship (must have been coming to marksmanship days) – Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Basic Music – Held at HMCS Acadia
  • Dates: Approx: 10 July – 28 July or 31 July – 18 Aug

Silver Stars/Gold Stars (Third and fourth year cadets 15-18 years) (This should be your third year of camp if you started with GT at age 12)

  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor – Held at CSTC Greenwood
  • Fitness and Sports Instructor- Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Expedition Instructor – must have minimum bronze fitness level – Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Intermediate Music – Held at HMCS Acadia
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor – Held at CSTC Argonaut
  • Fullbore Marksmanship 1 – must have completed Basic Marksmanship – Held at CSTC Connaught
  • Fullbore Marksmanship 2 – must have completed Fullbore Marksmanship 1 – Held at CSTC Connaught
  • Advanced Music – must have completed Intermediate Music – Held at HMCS Acadia
  • If you are not old enough for staff you can apply to do a second 6 week course
  • Dates: 10 July – 18 Aug

Exchanges – must be 16 years old by July 1st, 2017 – must have minimum bronze fitness level

  • TBD which exchanges are offered but typically:
  • Outward-bound Wales
  • Outward-bound Scotland
  • Maple Leaf Exchange

Advanced Training – for cadets who have already completed a 6 week course and a minimum of bronze fitness level

  • Leadership and Challenge

Marksmanship Team Tryouts

Sunday Marksmanship
 this Sunday (Nov 6) launches a three week try out for the marksmanship team. Any cadet wishing to be considered for the marksmanship team must attend the next three Sunday practices.
– All biathlon team members are expected to attend Sunday marksmanship to prepare for the competition
– Marksmanship is open to all cadets fully enrolled