Allergies, Sensitivities and Anaphylaxis

Good Day Parents:

In order to ensure the safety of your cadet while attending summer training, a policy has been put into place regarding food sensitivities, allergies and the use of epi-pens. Please carefully review the attached document and complete the forms that apply to your cadet.  These documents must be sent to camp with your cadet and passed in at the clinic during the in-routine.  Cadets with these medical limitations on their file who do not bring these forms to camp may be returned home.  In addition, cadets requiring epi-pens must bring TWO of these to camp.

Please note that for this year, we do NOT require the physician signature or a photo of your cadet (unless you wish to attach one).

Additionally even if your cadet is not going to summer training it would be greatly appreciated if you could please send their forms (if this applies to your cadet) in with them to cadets or email a copy in so we have it on file.


Anaphylaxis Consent Form (002) -gg (002) Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Anaphylaxis English PARTICIPATION BY A CADET WITH FOOD SENSITIVITY PARTICIPATION BY A CADET WITH NON-FOOD RELATED ANAPHYLAXIS April 26