Experiences Canada Opportunities

Two excellent youth leadership opportunities available as part of the Canada 150 celebration year. Please note the deadlines and pass on through your chains and out to Corps/Squadrons and into our community as quickly as possible. A fantastic opportunity that should not be overlooked.


Good day,

1. Attached you will find information related to two leadership opportunities available to youth aged 14-19 and 21-30 years. Experiences Canada (http://experiencescanada.ca/150/ ), through their Canada150&Me initiative, is offering youth the opportunity to participate in youth forums regionally and nationally and to act as chaperone and mentor to those youth participating in the forums. A quick overview of each of the opportunities is as follows:

Youth Forum (14-19 years): Experiences Canada 150&Me is a unique series of regional youth forums to be held across Canada in the spring of 2017 culminating in Ottawa the week before Canada Day. Youth will have a chance to travel to Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, or Halifax for a week-long visit filled with action, conversations, tours and community engagement activities. More information on how to register and apply is available at www.experiencescanada.ca/150 . Submission deadline: February 1st, 2017.

Youth Ambassador (21-30 years): Experiences Canada is seeking 16 Canadians, aged 21-30, to play a leadership role as a 150&Me Youth Ambassador. They will chaperone and mentor the 150&Me project participants as they travel across Canada’s regions and return to the national capital. All the information related to application process, etc is available online. Application deadline: December 30, 2016.