How In person training works

Below is a brief overview of how our in person training is organized. All cadets and parents are to be fully aware of the below requirements.

In-person Training Arrival Process

As soon as cadets arrive they are required to don a non-medical mask. Please bring your own as there is only a limited supply on hand at the cadet unit. We recommend bringing a spare mask in case the first one gets damp.

Cadets will check in with unit staff member and:
o Sanitize their hands
o Answer the Covid-19 Screening questions
o Sign training activity register

If any of the screening questions are answered with yes that individual will be immediately sent home.

All personnel are required to wear their non-medical mask for the duration of the activity, exception only when eating and drinking, and maintain 6ft of physical distancing at all times.

Once all cadets have arrived a unit staff member will conduct a safety briefing and remind cadets of Covid-19 spread reduction protocols.

If we are training at our LHQ we ask that no parent / guardian enter the building. If a parent requires to speak with an adult staff member they should email the cadet unit email address or have their cadet request a phone call home.


Every participant attending the in-person training activity must, prior to entering the facility or training area, read these questions and acknowledge on the COVID-19 Activity Register that they have NONE of the following symptoms:
If there are any concerns (i.e. they respond yes to any of the questions) the individual(s) shall be sent home immediately and told to follow up with their family doctor.

  1. Are you experiencing any severe difficulty breathing or severe chest pain?
  2. Are you experiencing any mild or moderate shortness of breath or unable to lay down due to being short of breath?
  3. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?
    a. new or worsening cough?
    b. an increased temperature?
    c. feeling of fever or chills?
    d. experiencing muscle aches?
    e. loss of smell or taste?
    f. feeling unwell?
    g. Have/had any upset stomach or diarrhea?
  4. Have you travelled outside of Nova Scotia in the last 14 days?
  5. In the last 14 days, have you had close contact with a person with symptoms of COVID-19 or who has travelled outside of Nova Scotia?

(Close contact means lived with, provided care to, or travelled in a vehicle with) Reference: Health Canada COVID-19 Self-assessment –

All cadets must read, acknowledge their understanding and agree to abide by the cadet COVID awareness requirements outlined in the document found at the link below:

CFOne membership + Kit shop

Membership to CFOne grants cadets access to: Canex special pricing,, PSP recreation and much more.

Visit the link here to sign up, you will need to upload a digital token, email to get the token.

The Canex is also now offering cadets access to clothing and accessories that have the cadet program crest on them, there are also options for Atlantic specific cadet program crest. Over time they will add more items, here is the link:

Produce Basket fundraiser

If you would like to support our local 3036 Army Cadets and local business we have a fundraiser for you! 3036 Sackville Cadets has partnered with the Humble Hippy Farm Market in Hammonds Plains for a fresh and tasty fundraiser. This fundraiser will provide your families with a box of fresh locally grown pesticide free vegetables in time for your holiday feasts. Orders and payments are due by December 9th, Order pick up will be Dec 19/20.

If you would like to donate a Harvest Farm Box to an family in need the Humble Hippy will ensure that your donation goes to Feed Nova Scotia or a specific family.

Please just indicate your donation on the order form attached.

For $30 your Harvest Farm Box will include:

5lbs Premium Potatoes

2-3 lbs Turnip

2 lbs Carrots

1-1.5 lbs Sweet Potatoes

12oz Cranberries

When you purchase a Harvest farm Box you can also add on some of the following premium products for an additional cost:

$10 Assorted Pies (see spreadsheet for types)           

$6 Home Style Biscuits

$8 Assorted Squares

$8 Fruited Loaves

$7 Cookies


We are excited to participate as a full unit in the 2019 Bedford Parade of Lights. We will be part of a tri-service contingent with the Sackville Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets as well as the Bedford Air Cadets.

Our three bands will combine to form one mass band showing the strength of the cadet music program.

We will have some cadets participate in a tri-service color party and guard.

The remainder of our cadets will form one platoon carrying our corps banner.

All cadets will be in full dress uniform with cadet parkas (where available).  Cadet are also encouraged to wear festive hats like reindeer ears or santa hats and can wrap themselves in battery operated lights (can be found at the dollar store). Cadets will be provided glow sticks to carry.

All cadets will meet at DeWolf Park in Bedford, cadets must be dropped off between 4:30-4:45, after that time police will have the road blocked off and parents will not be able to drive their cadets down the road to the meeting point.

All cadets will be picked up a the Bedford Place Mall, cadets are NOT permitted to leave that pick up spot until picked up by their parent. After dropping off your cadet please proceed to the mall end of Bedford to ensure you are there as soon as the parade ends. There will be a lot of traffic so needing to drive up from DeWolfe Park won’t be practical.

Fudge Fundraiser

We will be selling fudge as a fundraiser for the cadet corps.  Each fudge order is approx. 1/2lb of fudge packaged in a clear container.

Cadets will sell from November 4th to November 20th

Payments and orders are due to by November 20th . Cadets need to use the seller form provided at the link below, please clearly write on the form, the order form and all monies should be in one ziplock bag or envelope clearly labelled fudge fundraiser with the cadets name on it. Payments can be made by cash or cheque (made payable to Sackville Army Cadets)

We expect the fudge to arrive ready for distribution for December 16th and 18th.

The Cape Breton Fudge Co. officially opened nearly 10 years ago. We make real butter and cream fudge in over two dozen flavours, with special requests always welcome. Our most popular fudges include Highland Chocolate, Skor, Celtic Mint, Highland Gold Maple and Breton Whisky.